Podcast Episode25: How to Explode Sales for your Education Business Using Free Trials

Want to know how to make "free trials" the most powerful marketing technique in growing your tutoring or language business?        
In this episode, we talk with Wilim Abrook who has over 6 years (and hundreds of hours) of first-hand experience in giving world-class free trials and making tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for one of the world's best online education companies.        
This is such an important marketing topic for education businesses and we cover everything from understanding the real purpose of free trials, to how to set up a free trial for success, to which teachers or tutors to recruit for trials, to how to experiment and how to deliver a world-class experience, every time.        
You'll enjoy this conversation and we're sure you'll be able to use the ideas to grow your business. Listen in now and subscribe to 'Get More Students'.

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