How to Repurpose Content

We all get excited about creating amazing content, and now we need to get just as excited about sharing, repurposing, and distributing that content. 

What do I mean by repurposing content?

For example, if you do an amazing video interview with a peer around tips to learning. If you post that on YouTube, that might be a 20 minute clip... fine for YouTube but too long to grab people if sharing on Facebook and possibly not "professional" enough for LinkedIn.

Repurposing content is taking a single piece of content (for example, a 20 minute video interview) and turning that into multiple pieces of content that you share in different platforms (for example, YouTube, Facebook, your blog, guest blog, etc).

Why Repurpose Content? 

To be efficient with your time and more effective in getting the message out there.

If it takes 1 hour to do a video interview and you only have 2 hours to create content each week, you might be better to do one video interview each week, then spend 30 minutes editing it into 4 x shorter videos (You now have 4 social media posts) and 30 minutes transcribing the main points into a blog article. That gives you 6+ unique pieces of content vs 1.

How to Repurpose Content?

Ideally, create video content. Why? Because it's the most visual. You could convert the video into audio-only content but it's not as easy or effective to turn audio/text-only content and turn it into video.

Comment below with a link to one piece of content you feel you could repurpose?

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