How Do I Get Reviews on TrustPilot?

Having a profile on Trustpilot can help drive growth by improving visibility and, as the name suggests, trust!

It's a lot easier to collect testimonials when you can send a link you can send to students so that they can leave an impartial review.

Once you have a decent rating to show off, you can add a TrustPilot badge to your website, which is a big plus.

Just make sure that you do keep an eye on your TrustPilot page so if you get a bad or middling review, you can respond to it.

If that does happen, remember to respond politely to the negative review itself, and then reach out to some students who you know are happy and ask them to leave positive reviews. This will push the negative one down the page, and improve your average score.

Another thing to bear in mind with TrustPilot is that you are not allowed to offer a reward for leaving reviews, so be sure not to offer something like a free class in this case.

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