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Podcast Episode 34: How To Build An Engaged Community To Grow Your Business

In this episode, LearnCube CEO, Alex Asher, and expert marketer, Herbert Gerzer, talk about how to set an effective marketing strategy.

Have you ever thought about building a community to grow your prospecting pipeline?

In this episode, we talk with Carrie McKinnon and Gabriella Kovacs, co-founders of the International Language Coaching Association

Together, we answer all your questions about how to kickstart your community, build your tribe, know if you're succeeding, and which platforms to use.

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Podcast Episode 32: How to Market Test Prep

Do you sell Test Prep to help students make it into their dream school, course or university?

Over almost 30 years, Mike Bergin has been a tutor, worked for Test Prep companies, started Test Prep companies, co-hosted an industry-leading podcast, and even started the National Test Prep Association.

With so much experience, you're really tuning into a fascinating conversation about the Test Prep market (helpful for both tutors and language teachers wanting to discover more about this thriving market) and how to market your Test Prep courses and classes.

There are so many practical tips in this episode from how to run parent seminars to how to build effective lead magents to how to build your professional referral network.

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Podcast Episode 31: Facebook Ads for Beginners

Ever wonder why you're not getting the right leads for your tutoring or language business? Wanted to try Facebook Ads to see if it works for you?

Why not hear from a true expert on Facebook ads for education and tutoring companies? Herbert Gerzer takes us through all the key aspects of Facebook Ads so you can grow with confidence.

We talk through what's involved in setting up Facebook Ads, how to optimise your Facebook Ads setup, what are the tips and tricks for getting more of the right kinds of students, how much to spend in order to get a return and what numbers to focus on and how to succeed.

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Podcast Episode 30: What Is Going to Happen This Year In Tutoring? Listen To 3 Experts.

In this special episode, originally recorded by Qualified Tutor podcast named "100th Episode Special: An Analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the Tutoring Industry 2022", Alex talks with Julia Silver (tutor and founder of Qualified Tutor) and Richard Evans (founder of The Profs) to go deep into what is going to move and shake the tutoring sector this year.

We talk about the pool of talent, the profession, inequality, the cost of tutoring, the role of technology and the future of tutoring itself.

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Podcast Episode 29: 2022: What Trends Are Shaping the Future of Language Education & Online

What has changed in the last year? Is the disruption caused by COVID-19 finally behind us? Is 2022 going to be a good or another challenging year for tutoring?

Tune in to this episode of the ‘Get More Students’ podcast to discover the trends are shaping the future of language education and tutoring in 2022

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How to Create a Facebook Page for Teachers and Schools

A Facebook page is a great way for you to communicate with existing students, and be found by and reach out to potential students. It offers exposure to a huge audience. If you’re tutoring kids for example, more than seven out of ten parents are on Facebook. If you’re teaching a language, there are thousands of language learning groups on Facebook, where learners share tips and tricks.

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