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Creating a Style Guide for Brand Consistency

With branding, consistency is paramount.To ensure that everyone’s on the same page, large companies often have a detailed branding guidelines document.For your school or tutoring business, you don’t need to go crazy and hire teams of expert graphic designer, but it is worth spending a little bit of time coming up with a simple brand style sheet. Doing this early on will help you to avoid a messy or inconsistent look down the road.

So what should you include?
There are just three main things to consider at first:

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Podcast Episode 28: How to Build Trust to Grow Your Tutoring Business


What is the one ingredient no tutoring or education business can live without? Trust.
Julia Silver has run her own tutoring business for many years, written a book on tutoring, founded Qualified Tutor and hosts the amazing Love Tutoring Festival (the next one is this month, starting on the 24th of January 2022).  What better person to discuss practical ways for tutoring and language businesses to signal and build trust with their prospects?
Listen to this episode of the 'Get More Students' podcast to learn how to build trust and a throng loyal brand advocates.
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Podcast Episode 27: 5 SEO Myths That Are Stopping Your Education Website From Ranking On Google

Want your website to rank at the top of Google for your most valuable keywords?

Do any of these myths ring true for you? SEO doesn't work... SEO works really fast... Blogging will automatically improve your SEO... Putting lots of keywords improves your page ranking...Only the number 1 position on Google matters

They did for Herbert and me, so I know you'll learn a lot from listening to this episode where we talk with Sandy Allain who has been helping education businesses for over 20 years with their SEO and Google ranking.

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Podcast Episode 26: How to create a brand that attracts more students


How did a startup grow from zero to a global virtual school with 23 staff in just 18 months?

Syd Femtinos has been tutoring mathematics and science for 11 years. At the start of 2020 when lockdowns were at their peak, Syd came up with a novel concept that became UK Virtual School - an award-winning online school focused on supporting homeschooling families wanting to follow the British curriculum.

Listen in to this episode of the 'Get More Students' podcast to learn how to build a name, a brand and a legacy.

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